Drop-in Sport Programs


For a detailed schedule of all of our drop-in activities, please visit www.beaumont.ab.ca/729. Please keep in mind that drop-in activity and sport times can be subject to change. Any open times outside of the specific programmed timeslots are available for booking rentals or spontaneous use (no equipment set-ups). All participants are expected to abide by facility and/or program rules.

When You Arrive

    1. When you arrive at the BSRC, please proceed to the Guest Services desk to pay admission or scan a valid BSRC membership and receive your proof of payment wristband to be visibly worn while in the facility.
    2. Children 7 years or younger must be actively supervised by a responsible person age 14 years or older.
    3. At this time, sport teams are prohibited from using the Track to warm-up. Please use the hallway area by the sport surface to warm-up. Playing with balls or equipment is prohibited in the hallway area, only dynamic stretching and bodyweight warm-ups are permitted.
    4. Please note that all outdoor footwear needs to be removed prior to entering the Gymnasium or Fieldhouse. Clean and non-marking activity appropriate shoes which fully enclose the foot are required. No metal or steel cleats are allowed on the artificial turf at the Fieldhouse.
    5. There are various cubby storage locations available for storing personal belongings (Ex. Jackets, water bottles). Please minimize the amount of valuables you are bringing into the facility. There will be wallet lockers available in the East Hallway across from the main stairs and Climbing Wall for small valuables/belongings.
    6. Guests are encouraged to bring their own equipment. All equipment used in the Gymnasium or Fieldhouse MUST be sanitized pre/post use using the cleaning resources and equipment carts provided (see signage on the carts) .
    7. Please note that all participants must abide by the scheduled timeslots of programming and rental bookings when participating in drop-in and spontaneous use.
    8. All participants are expected to abide by facility and/or program rules, or may be asked to leave the BSRC facility.


Sun, 05-Dec-21

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